Ready to Ride

It’s all about the ride—it always has been. At Terrene, we put riding at the center of the experience. We understand what matters most—be it an afternoon on your favorite stretch of singletrack, a long day on an unending dirt road, or a worldwide tour. We took what we have learned through decades in the bicycle industry to bring you tires that are designed to ride how you do. From the very beginning of the process until the tread hits the dirt, we bring together our experience in product development and a passion for riding to create tires that are ready to ride for people that live to.

Born From Experience

Terrene intends to create tires for underserved niche specialties that other larger brands are unwilling or late to create. With feedback from our buyers, our riders, and the extensive riding and testing of our tires and our competitors’ tires, we keep our finger on the pulse of what designs and sizes riders are looking for in order to create desirable niche tires that riders want to have on their bikes.

Riders continue to push the limits of what is possible on a bike, and as a result, we’ve designed tires to suit this ongoing need for performance and reliability. We aim to design tires that riders actually need, whether it be size, tread pattern, durability, or studded traction.

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Terrene DNA

Terrene tires are created with high quality engineered casings for performance and dependability, combined with high natural rubber compounds for superior quality and traction. Each and every tire we make is tubeless ready and comes with a simplified buying process in which the rider can choose a tire based on their specific needs.

Each tire is designed in Light and Tough versions to enhance the riding experience and both versions are sold at the same price point to simplify the buying process. Light tires use a 120tpi casing for a light, supple ride. Tough tires are tailored through extensive engineering based on the riders intended use to create the ideal protection for each tire.

From the beginning, every single one of our tires is designed to be tubeless ready. Ride quality, dependability, and ease of use is a commitment that we make with all of our tires. No guessing, no problems. Always tubeless.

  • Rebecca Kurnick fat biking in Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman, Montana